We've surfed every page on the world wide web and picked a few links that we think may help you on your faith journey. OK, so we might have missed a page or two, but we still think the following links may help you. We've included relational links, Bible study links, family links and even other church links in the hopes that this small compilation of resources may help you in your walk with Christ. 

See what you think...


Relational Resources

Larry Crabb began New Way Ministries several years ago and this site is full of great information for people who want to passionately pursue  their spiritual journey.



Emotional Health is essential to spiritual growth.  Enough said.  Go to Pete's site and find out more!



One of the best resources for understanding how to resolve conflict Biblically.  Peacemaker Ministries provides various resources and seminars to help us understand Biblical conflict resolution.



Family Resources

Family Life - The family ministry began by Dennis & Barbara Rainey.  This site provides various helps for singles to empty nesters.



Focus on the Family - The family ministry begun by Dr. James Dobson.  Check them out for additional family resources, including movie & music reviews from a Christian perspective.



House on the Rock Family Ministries - Our local family ministry specializing in bringing local opportunities for us to grow in our marriages and families.



Behavioral Healthcare - Access this site for counseling and therapeutic help for a myriad of issues for children through adults.



Bible Study Resources

Soniclight - click on "study notes" to download free commentaries on every book of the Bible



Bible.org - the home of the downloadable NET Bible and a place to find answers to various theological questions



Probe Ministries - a site that provides Biblical answers to user-generated questions of the faith



Christian Answers.net - an apologetics ministry that seeks to provide answers to questions of the faith



Larger Church sites with helpful programs

Lancaster County Bible Church offers a wide range of helpful programs, concerts and special events.



Calvary Church grew out of the Grace Point Church over 60 years ago.  Calvary is known for its effective World Missions program and solid Bible teaching.