Sunday School

Sunday School was begun years ago by a man concerned with making a social impact on his community through teaching children to read.  

Today, we describe it differently, but our Adult classes' mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating an environment in which people can build quality relationships, participate in life-changing Bible study, and develop a lifestyle of reaching out to others. The pillars of this mission statement can be summarized as follows:


Quality Relationships

I belong

Life changing Bible study –

I am transformed

Develop a lifestyle of reaching out to others –

I am on mission

In addition, classes are organized around life stages.  The numbers in parenthesis are general age guides only.  Adult classes usually meet Sundays at 9 AM.


Young Adults (age 18-25)


Authentic Connections (age 25-35)

Taught by James & Corrie Eby/Justin & Alicia Heyl

Salt Shakers (age 29-45)

Taught by Jim Mast, John Burget & Wes McDonald

New Life (age-36-46)

Taught by Brad Beiler, Kent Gehman, Cliff Mast & Tim Smoker

Joyful Servants (age 50-65)

Taught by Leon Beiler & Ben Wenger

Happy Hearts (age 65-80+)

Taught by Glenn Kunkel & Fred Martin